What Cats (and Kittens!) Want And What They Need!

You have a new pet and they are cuddly and cute and adorable! How do you make them comfortable and healthy in their new home?

“What cats need and what people think they need are often different.”

We’ve compiled this information from a combination of over 100 years of veterinary care between the vets here at Highlands Animal Hospital, Burnaby New Westminster Animal Hospital and West End Veterinary Clinic. Here are our thoughts on what cats and kittens want and need.

A good sized clean litter box

While most kittens have already been litter trained by the time that they are ready to leave mom,  it is best not to take this for granted. Especially when they are in a new home and learning their way around. Cat litter boxes are essential for any cat, indoor or outdoor. What kind of box? Litter? Size? Read more

Scratching Posts

Scratching is a normal feline behavior and cannot be prevented (even declawed cats will go through the motions!). Rather than trying to eliminate the behaviour, cat owner and cats can be much happier by agreeing on acceptable objects for scratching


As you and your cat/kitten get to know each other, it is really important to accustom them to handling, teeth brushing and grooming with short, twice daily sessions of ‘work time’ using lots of positive reinforcement and a few treats now & then.

Interestingly  it is possible and lots of fun to teach your kitten to sit, come & fetch. A little patience, persistence and a few treats are all that’s required.

If you plan to keep your cat indoors, environmental enrichment will be crucial for healthy happy cats.