Bringing home a new kitten is an exciting and joyful time with lots to do and lots to learn. We are here to help you as you adjust to having a lovely furry friend in your home.

Care Pet Wellness Group is happy to offer a Kitten Care Program that covers all costs for the first 6 months of veterinary visits, including vaccines AND

includes a discount on spaying and neutering. Contact your closest Care Pet Wellness Hospital to learn more about this program.

These prepaid packages are great value for clients with kittens!

  • Regular wellness exams up to 6 months of age
  • Core vaccines for kittens up to age 6 months
  • Stool testing and deworming as required
  • Discount on spay/neuter at age of 6 months.
  • Nutrition counselling
  • Weight management education
  • Education on regular pet care needs
  • Pet wellness counselling during each visit as your kitten grows older.

This provides a great start for your kitten, by taking care of their health right from the start.

We recommend the following schedule of visits for your new kitten. If you have questions at any time regarding the health or behaviour of you new pet, please contact us at your preferred Care Pet Wellness location.