If a puppy must be left alone for longer than it can control elimination, then paper training them will help keep things clean, for you and your pet.

As puppies are clean creatures by nature and will not soil their living space (e.g. crate) unless absolutely necessary, owners can take advantage of this behaviour trait to house train their puppy. Two things to remember:

1. Use paper training while your puppy is learning to control their elimination.

2. Immediately discontinue paper training as soon as they are able to control themselves when you are away.

Steps to Paper Training Your Puppy

1. Place him/her in a dog proof room, pen or barricaded area. This is a key component as dogs will not soil their living space. If you contain them they will learn to use only one area for elimination.

2. Place their crate in the room/area with the door of the crate open (so they can go in and out).

3. Cover the floor outside the crate with paper for elimination. Completely cover the floor.

4. Your puppy will eventually choose a favorite location for elimination. Once they are consistent in choosing an area, then begin reducing the amount of floor area covered with paper, ensuring that you include their favorite area. Continue to reduce the papered area until there is a fairly small amount of papered floor area.

5. Another option – if they are contained in their crate (and the crate is large enough) then paper the far end of the crate for elimination. Eventually the dog will not use their crate for eliminiation.

It is important that paper training be discontinued as soon as the dog gains sufficient control or it may become a difficult habit to eliminate.

If you have questions, contact your local Care Pet Wellness Veterinarian.